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RSD10: Record Store Day

Last year’s Record Store Day I was too broke to buy anything, but this year is a whole new story. With my hard-earned cash in my pocket, I set out to capture Record Store Day in Toronto for SoundProof and to acquire some gems for myself.

Here’s the score:

– Tom Wait’s Mule Variations: The anniversary issue that includes a digital copy and a photo of Waits by Jim Jarmusch.
– Charlotte Gainsbourg 7″ LP Sunset Sound Session: her latest album IRM is just fantastic. Well, anything produced by Beck is simply great.
– Fela Kuti’s Fela Kuti: 10″ LP includes four songs recorded in Los Angeles in 1969
– She & Him Volume 2: not part of the list of LPs/EPs participating for RSD but I wanted to pick it up for a while.

Photoshoot with Bend Sinister

I have a new favourite band and it’s Vancouver’s own Bend Sinister. They played a memorable show during CMW at the Horseshoe where they not only played an upbeat show but they also covered a memorable version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” – and pulled it off without being cheesy. Since then, I’ve seen them play at The Rivoli and Bovine Sex Club where they have continuously impressed the crowds and gained new fans. Case in point: I was getting my haircut at the Grateful Dead Collective, when I heard a familiar song play over the stereo’s loudspeaker. I realized that it was “Because Because” by these guys, one of the hairstylists was at the Bovine show, bought their album and raved about them at work. The picture above is an outtake from my photoshoot before their Rivoli gig, check the rest of the pictures on Soundproof Magazine.

Images of Africa

I will be posting some images from my 2006 trip to Africa. Some of these are imperfect. I was just learning about photography and how to use a film camera – I had the exposure wrong, all of the settings wrong, I even developed it incorrectly, but I’m attached to these images. They remind me of the beautiful countryside I saw and fell in love with.

Café Cléopâtre, Montréal

She’s the last remnant of the legendary red-light district. Christened “Queen of the Main”, this house of strip and tease has lovingly entertained her audience since 1895. This year she will put on her best outfit and bright feathers to dance one last time. Thanks to the city’s art-centric renewal project, plans to demolish this historic building has been in the works for months, much to the chagrin of those who have called it home. The city will continue to have an abundant amount of strip-bars, keeping its openness about sex alive and well, but their neon sign advertising tits and ass will never come close to the sophistication that Cleo has. Despite the numerous attempts to save her, her chances to survive look bleak.

If interested in saving the café, please sign the petition on their website.